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Proofreading Service — Expert Editing from Professionals

A low-cost option available for customers, who just want to be sure their paper is as perfect as it can be, may choose to utilize our proofreading services. Writing a paper is hard enough, but sometimes catching those tricky grammar errors or cleverly placed spelling mistakes can be difficult. It isn't always safe to simply rely on the squiggly red and green lines word processing software might give. Sometimes it requires a human eye to distinguish proper phrasing and unique spelling challenges.

It may be a surprise to many that among the customers who use this service, are Professional writers

It may seem surprising, but a high number of our customers using our proofreading service are strong writers on their own, sometimes professionally publishing the material they have first sent to our writing staff. The reason for this is that all writers are aware of the benefits a second set of eyes can have on a given text. During the writing process, a natural phenomenon is that writers can become immune to their own words. Glaring mistakes might be casually overlooked by the writer yet, immediately obvious to someone else. For this reason, many writers will first prefer to have someone else read through the material, before submitting it for final approval. It is also for this reason that writers engaged in other areas of our proofreading service are required to take the extra step of carefully proofreading orders, before sending them in to our quality assurance department for delivery.

Editing and Proof Reading services include:

An additional benefit of using our proofreading service for your editing or proofreading needs is our double assurance of customer privacy, and our policy of not storing any papers. Customers can be sure that the papers or essays they send in for editing services will not be rolled into a larger database of documents to be sold at a later date, while still being able to receive the high quality services of a professional writer.

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